Status Bar

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The Motive Status Bar located at the bottom of Motive. Individual sections detailed in greater depth below.
Display Description
Current system status.
Current camera frame rate.
Current incoming data rate for all attached cameras.
Current point cloud frame rate.
Current skeleton solver latency and frame rate.
Current software latency. It represents time taken for processing 2D data into 3D data, modeling the trackable assets, and displaying in the viewport.
Current display frame rate.
Global health assessments of system activity. The color of each item indicates the current status of Motive. Clicking on individual icons will bring up UI elements relevant to that portion of system performance.

CAM: Color indication of the camera status.

  • Dark: Cameras are not detected in Motive.
  • Green: Cameras area actively capturing the frames.
  • Yellow: All cameras are disabled in the Devices pane.
  • Red: Cameras are not properly capturing the frames. (e.g. frame drop).

2D: Color indication of captured 2D frames.

  • Dark: No 2D frames are being received.
  • Green: Cameras are capturing 2D images.

3D: Color indication of reconstructed 3D frames

  • Dark: 3D reconstruction is disabled. Check the Reconstruction settings and make sure the point cloud reconstruction is enabled.
  • Green: Motive is reconstructing 3D points from received 2D frames.

NET: Color indication of the streaming status.

  • Dark: Streaming is disabled. To enable it, check the broadcast streaming data on the Data Streaming pane.
  • Yellow: Streaming is enabled but the client application is not connected.
  • Green: Motive is connected to a NatNet client application and is streaming the tracking data.