NatNet: RebroadcastMotiveData Sample

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Rebroadcast Motive Data sample. This is a sample application for taking data from the NatNet Server and redistributing it in other forms. Currently, there are two protocols supported. The Unity protocol is the old unity sample that sends mocap data in XML packets to the unity game engine. The LightCraft protocol takes definitions for a single rigid body and sends them over a serial port in a format called the Spydercam protocol. The LightCraft protocol in addition to being a demonstration of serial port communication, it allows Motive and Previzion to be completely compatible, using Mocap data to track the Previzion camera.

Unity Protocol Rebroadcasts data into a XML format, and

Previzion Protocol Rebroadcasts data via Spyder Cam protocol which


The following third-party library must be linked in order to build and run this sample application

  • Asio library ( : Require for communicating tracking data through serial port communication.


  • Download the asio C++ library.
  • In the RebroadcastMotiveData VS project, link the downloaded library.
  • Build the sample project.


  • Now that the .exe executable file has been produced, you can run the application via