Prime Series Status Indicators

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Status Ring Light

The Primes Series cameras have a front mounted status ring light to indicate the state of the Motive software and firmware updates on the cameras. The following table lists the default ring light color associated with the state of Motive.

Status Ring Light Colors
Color Status Description Can Change Color Photo
Off Powered & Awaiting Command When camera is first plugged in the mood ring light will be off until it receives command from Motive No off
Blue and White Hibernation Camera is in a low power state. Triggered when closing Motive with cameras powered by the switch. No sleep
Blue Live Actively sending data and receiving commands when loaded into Motive. Yes live
Green Recording Camera is sending data to be written to memory or disk. Yes Recording
None Playback Camera is operating but Motive is in Edit Mode. Yes Edit
Yellow Selected Camera is selected in Motive. Yes selected
Orange Reference Camera is in reference mode. Instead of capturing the marker data, the camera is recording reference video, MJPEG No reference
Cycle Red Firmware Reset On board flash memory is being reset. No Firmware Reset
Cycle Yellow Firmware Update Firmware is being written to flash. On completion, color turns off and camera reboots. No Firmware Update

Back Ring Light

The Prime Series cameras also have a status indicator on the back panel and indicates the state of the camera only. When changing to a new version of Motive, the camera will need a firmware update in order to communicate to the new version. Firmware updates are automatic when starting Motives. If the cameras firmware updates to a new version of Motive, running an older version of Motive will cause the firmware to necessarily revert back to an older version of firmware. This process is automatic as well.

Back Ring Light Colors
Color Status Description
Green Initialize Phase 1 Camera is powered and boot loader is running. Preparing to run main firmware.
Yellow Initialize Phase 2 Firmware is running and switch communication in progress.
Blinking Green Initialize Phase 3 Switch communication established and awaiting an IP address.
Cyan Firmware Loading Host has initiated firmware upload process.
Blinking Yellow Initialize Phase 4 Camera has fully initialized. In process of synchronizing with camera group or eSync.
Blinking Green Running Camera is fully operational and synchronized to the camera group. Ready for data capture.
Blue Hibernating Camera is in a low power state and not sending data. Occurs after closing Motive but leaving the cameras connected to the switch.
Alternating Red Firmware Reset On board flash memory is being reset.
Alternating Yellow Firmware Update Firmware is being written to flash. Numeric display in front will show progress. On completion, the light turns green and camera reboots.

Updating Firmware

When changing versions of Motive, a firmware update is needed. This process is automatic when opening the software and the status ring light and back ring light show the state, as described in the table above, of the camera during this process. The camera should not be unplugged during a firmware reset or firmware update. Give the camera time to finish this process before turning off the software.

If a camera doesn't update its firmware with the rest of the cameras, it will not load into Motive. Wait for all cameras that are updating to finish, then restart Motive. The cameras that failed to update will now update. This could be caused by miscommunication between the switch when loading in numerous cameras.