Motive 1.10

Motive 1.10 Updates from Motive 1.9. The following list highlights main changes and links to the corresponding explanations.

Big Changes[edit]


Reconstruction and Auto-labeling

  • In addition to reconstruction and auto-labeling pipeline, individual reconstruction and auto-labeling pipelines are available for better workflow. Data Types, Labeling


  • More description on the labeling workflow has been added onto the Labeling page: Labeling



  • Single camera calibration Calibration Refinement
  • Preserve calibration information in Take files. The preserved information is shown under the Take properties under project pane. Properties: Take

Data Edting

Reconstruction properties

  • Point Cloud 1 related reconstruction settings are removed. Reconstruction

Rigid Body Properties

Large Volume Capture

  • Rigid body solve added local search feature improving solve time significantly for rigid bodies not moving rapidly.
  • Point Cloud 4 speed improvements with no history data.

Cleaned up some UI elements, splash screen