Edit Tools Pane

Editor Tools showing Gap Fill Tab

Gap Fill

Find Previous: Moves the scrubber position to the previous gap in marker data.

Find Next: Moves the scrubber position to the next gap in marker data.

Fill Selected: Fills the currently selected gap.

Fill All: Fills all gaps in the currently selected track.

Fill Everything: Fills all gaps in all tracks of the timeline.

Max Gap Size: The maximum size, in frames, that a gap can be for Motive to fill. Raising this will allow larger gaps to be filled, however larger gaps may be more prone to missing movement. Larger gaps should be filled only when appropriate information about the gap is known to make the decision.

Interpolation: Selects the interpolation algorithm for gap filling. Valid options are Constant, Linear, and Cubic.

Editor Tools showing Swap Fix Tab

Swap Fix

Find Previous:

Find Next:

Markers to swap: Selects the markers to be swapped.

Editor Tools showing Label Tab


Marker Set: Selects the marker set for labeling.

Assign Label:

Editor Tools showing Smooth Tab


Smooth Selection: Applies smoothing to the selection portion of the track.

Smooth Track: Applies smoothing to all frames of the track.

Smooth All Tracks: Applies smoothing to all frames of all tracks of the currently selected timeline.

Filter Cutoff Frequency: