Edit Tools Pane

Editor Tools showing Gap Fill Tab

Gap Fill

Find Previous: Moves the scrubber position to the previous gap in marker data.

Find Next: Moves the scrubber position to the next gap in marker data.

Fill Selected: Fills the currently selected gap.

Fill All: Fills all gaps in the currently selected track.

Fill Everything: Fills all gaps in all tracks of the timeline.

Max Gap Size: The maximum size, in frames, that a gap can be for Motive to fill. Raising this will allow larger gaps to be filled. However larger gaps may be more prone to incorrect interpolation.

Interpolation: Selects the interpolation algorithm for gap filling. Valid options are Constant, Linear, and Cubic.

Editor Tools showing Swap Fix Tab

Swap Fix

Find Previous:

Find Next:

Markers to swap: Selects the markers to be swapped.

Editor Tools showing Label Tab


Marker Set: Selects the marker set for labeling.

Assign Label:

Editor Tools showing Smooth Tab


Smooth Selection: Applies smoothing to the selection portion of the track.

Smooth Track: Applies smoothing to all frames of the track.

Smooth All Tracks: Applies smoothing to all frames of all tracks of the currently selected timeline.

Filter Cutoff Frequency: