Data Export: FBX

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Motive can export tracking data into FBX files for use in other 3D pipelines. There are two types of FBX files: Binary FBX and ASCII FBX.


Exported FBX files in ASCII format can contain reconstructed marker coordinate data as well as 6 Degree of Freedom data for each involved asset depending on the export setting configurations. ASCII files can also be opened and edited using text editor applications.

DataExport ASCIISkeleton.png DataExport RigidBodyNull.png DataExport SkeleNull.png

FBX ASCII Export Options
Options Description
Units Set the unit in exported files.
Exported FBX Actors Includes FBX Actors in the exported file. Actor is a type of asset used in animation applications (e.g. MotionBuilder) to display imported motions and connect to a character. In order to animate exported actors, associated markers will need to be exported as well.
Export Markers Export each marker coordinates.
Export Unlabeled Markers Includes unlabeled markers.
Export Skeleton Nulls Can only be exported when JT data is recorded. Exports 6 Degree of Freedom data for every bone segment in selected skeletons.
Export Rigid Body Nulls Exports 6 Degree of Freedom data for selected rigid bodies. Orientation axes are displayed on the geometrical center of each rigid body.
Export Marker Nulls Exports locations of each marker.
Use Timecode Includes timecode.
Optical Marker Name Space Overrides the default name spaces, C3D.
Marker Name Separator Choose ":" or "_" for marker name separator. The name separator will be used to separate the asset name and the corresponding marker name when exporting the data (e.g. AssetName:MarkerLabel or AssetName_MarkerLabel).

FBX Binary

Binary FBX files are more compact than ASCII FBX files. Reconstructed 3D marker data is not included within this file type, but selected skeletons are exported by saving corresponding joint angles and segment lengths. For rigid bodies, positions and orientations at the defined rigid body origin are exported.

DataExport BinarySkeletons.png

FBX Binary Export Options
Options Descriptions
Units Sets the unit for exported segment lengths.
Export FBX Skeleton Includes skeleton Actors in exported FBX file. Actor is an asset used in animation applications (e.g. MotionBuilder) to display the imported motion and connect to a character.
Export Rigid Body Nulls Exports Rigid Body pivot points for position and orientation of rigid bodies.